What's on the menu?

Traditional Omelette

Omelettes - served with rustic bread, allioli and tomato side sauces and salad

£7.50 Traditional - Potato with or without onion (V)

£7.50  Spinach - with garlic & manchego cheese (V)

£9.00 Asparagus - with spring onions (V)

£9.50 Prawn - with spring onions 

Add chorizo o manchego cheese for an extra £1 each

Tostas - loaded toasted artisan bread served with a side salad and crips

£8.00 Chicken with allioli, sauteed tomatoes, rocket & basil

£8.50 Pork steak with mayo, red peppers, onions & cheese

£9.75 Lamb ras el hanout with hummus, onions, red peppers & rocket 

£9.75 Beef steak with sauteed tomatoes, onions & green peppers with a chimichurri drizzle

£7.50 Tuna with tomatoes, olives & feta cheese

£7.50 Hummus with sauteed tomatoes, rocket & roasted chickpeas (VG)

£7.50 Cheese with aubergine, onions & red peppers (V) (VGO)


£8.00 Greek Salad Sabores Style -  with feta, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives, red onion &  oregano (VGO)

£8.00 Mediterranean Salad - mixed leaves salad, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, tuna and feta (VGO)

Homemade hummus

Small Plates & Sides - mix and match and choose three plates for £10

£4.00 Patatas Bravas - choose from bravas sauce or  allioli. Add manchego cheese or chorizo for £1 extra each (VG)

£4.00 Mini Omelette - prawn and asparagus £1.00 extra each (VO)

£4.00 Pan con Tomate - toasted rustic bread with fresh tomato sauce and allioli (VG)

£4.00 Scalibada - roasted red peppers and aubergine (VG)

£5.00 Garlic Prawns - £1.00 extra as part of the mix and match

£3.50 Olives (VG)

£3.50 Homemade Hummus (VG)

£4.00 Fuet (Spanish thin salami) or Serrano Ham or Chorizo

£4.00 Manchego Cheese 

Cheese Lovers Platter

Sharing Platters

£12.00 Meat Lovers - Spanish Charcuterie selection of meats served with artisan bread, dips and rocket

£12.00 Cheese Lovers - Spanish Cheese selection served with artisan bread and quince jelly

We are fully licenced and offer a wide selection of wine, beer & soft drinks as well as coffee & tea.

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac disease - please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in our food and drink before you order. Thank you!